Burn 2017 is shaping up to be the year of Jellyfish Vehicles and Jellyfish Art Installations.

And so it begins ...

Creating our Prismaticamp jellyfish art car for Burn 2017 ...

First, buy a Ford F150.

There was an AWESOME sale this Labor Day Weekend, and I bought one - with the extra long 8 foot bed - I LOVE it ... it is a BEAST ...

It almost makes me feel heterosexual !

-- NOT --

Next ... remove the dumb bed COMPLETELY.

I have now joined a new subculture - people who turn their F150s into flatbeds !!!

I have a new People !!!

I will build a nice back platform using that lightweight artificial deck material (weatherproof, faux-wood stuff).

I will weld some safety-ish railings.

Then I'll weld / build a second platform over the cab.

It will be a lot bigger than this and nicer, but you get the idea.

We already have SIX geodesic spheres.

I'll use the top half of the 10-footer and one of the 6-footers.

Add tentacles ... instant LED jellyfish !

Mount the big 10 foot jellyfish over the back (big) platform.

Mount the small 6 foot jellyfish over the cab platform.

Write some really awesome jellyfish animations.

Add a bunch of components from my old art car (Sheba) -

* sound system

* portable generator

* very dusty turkish carpet

* many tie dyed cushions and chairs ...

* shaved ice machine :)

and Voila ! a fabulous jellyfish art car !

Obviously there will be much more to do to finish the art car, but this is the basic canvas ...